Chris Martin



Level 2 & 3 Gym Instructor. 

Level 3 Personal Trainer.

ETM (Exercise To Music Instructor) 

Classes including Kettlebells, Spin, Aqua Aerobics, Circuits, Tribe Coach, Les Mills Bodypump & Grit.  

Self Assessed Photocopier Repair Guy. (We never get low on toner on my watch)   

Customer Liaison Officer (I like to walk around and talk to everyone)


Membership Manager


I have been working for the company for almost 7 years. I joined the membership team as a membership advisor and a foot in the door to the health and fitness industry. I had just qualified as an instructor and was keen to have a job including the role. During my 7 years I have stayed with the membership team working my up to become the membership manager. My daily role within the club includes making sure members are happy and that they enjoy their experience within the club, this often involves chatting in Cafe Vita. The membership team are always looking after new members and current members, we are always here to help, with membership questions, fitness guidance and anything else that comes our way.


Favourite Workout


SPIN! I love Spin, no matter how I go into Spin, I always know I am going to have a great workout and feel great after (Maybe not so much during).

I love the freedom with Spin to have speed, climbs, jumps and work as hard or as little as you want to. 


Membership Advice


The biggest battle we see within the membership team is getting people through the door. That first step to come into a gym for some people is HUGE. Once you are here, we do our best to help you out as much as we can and make your experience the best. You have to remember everyone is here for their own reasons and we are passionate to help you set new goals and reach them. 


If anyone was thinking about joining a gym, I would recommend making a booking to come see the membership team and let us take care of you. 



Football coaching, testing the boys and girls on their pre season fitness.

Running, recently started Marathon training. 


I could make something else up but I would be lying!

Gary Sheppard

General Manager

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Amy Hicks

FOH Manager

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Chris Martin

Membership Manager

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Dan Gollop

Fitness Manager

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