Gary Sheppard



Degree- Leisure Management and Media

Level 5 - Operations Manager

Level 4 - HR and Leadership

Level 3 - PT

Level 2 - Gym Instructor

IOSH - Managing Fire Safety in Sports Facilities 

ROSPA - Health and Safety Competent Persons

10+ Years Management experience in H&F 

General Manager role

Eleptic mix of tasks! The word jack of all trades is often thrown my way. My personal highlights attached to my role involve anything associated with helping customers or the community. From helping the team mop the floors to helping the workmen fix the boilers its all in a days work for me! At the end of the day I really enjoy watching the community here thrive and grow and love hearing all of our different members stories and journeys. We couldn't do any of this without you!  


Favourite Workout

Anything weight related. I need to do more yoga, if you see my in the club please ask me when I last stretched. It will guilt me into doing it more. I try to use our facilites 5-6 times a week and use everything we offer! Love a swim and a Jaquzzi just as much as a good session upstairs. Balance is key. 


Gym advice and tips 

Consistency is everything. Fads will always come and go, but if you want a healthy body then you need a healthy lifestyle. It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to burn one pound of fat, things won’t happen after one or two sessions….but they will happen! If you ever need any advice on anything fitness related our amazing gym team will be happy to help. You can book in for a programme review every six weeks and they can help to guide you on your way!


Those closest to me know that I work a fair bit! But I actually do have a life outside of that! I am blessed with amazing friends and a close family and love to socialise. I also practise what I preach so you are likely to see me in the gym during my downtime. Pubs and eating out are also part of my pastimes because life is all about balance.  



Gary Sheppard

General Manager

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