Member of the Month: August 2019

It's member of the month time! Please take a moment to read Paras's story and show some support for our August member of the month! His efforts on his own personal rehabilitation are exemplary and deserve a round of applause!

"Thank you for nominating and choosing me as a member of the month. I am very happy and honoured to accept this. In my short time so far here at Parkwood gym, it has been wonderful. The staff are all very friendly and approachable. The facilities are great and I had no problems in hindering my progress.

I chose to come to Parkwood Gym for my rehabilitation process after I had back surgery on New Years Eve. I was unable to walk properly and was told not to do any physical activities for a few months . I have always been an active person who enjoy my sports and fitness, and being unable to do the things I love for a long time was very difficult to accept.

Choosing to come to Parkwood was a difficult decision to make because I had always gone to a local gym in town for several years. I heard great things about Parkwood and wanted to give it a go; so far I have not been disappointed. This has also been more convenient for me, as I only live around the corner from the gym so getting access to the gym has been no difficulty.

Although I miss my old gym and friends, I am now more comfortable and settled here at Parkwood. I hope to continue my stay at Parkwood gym and enjoy more wonderful times".

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