Member of the Month: September 2022

It's Member of the Month time! 

One of our favourite things to do at Parkwood is celebrate YOU, our fabulous members! 

This month, the award goes to Danielle!

Below is Danielle's story in her own words:

"As a casual gym-goer, I had been too intimidated to step into the free weights section, having absolutely no idea where to start. I decided to start having Personal Training with Dan, and this changed my mindset completely. He created programmes that were achievable and tailored to my goals, bearing in mind my strengths and weaknesses, as well as keeping me accountable. His patience has paid off, and more than two years on, I am stronger than I have ever been, and more confident than ever, both inside and outside of the gym.

Earlier this year, a friend convinced me to try Luke's Abs Blast on a Monday morning and Gavin's FloatFit on a Thursday evening. Despite being a very poor swimmer, and taking 3 weeks to be able to properly stand up on the FloatFit boards, Gavin made the sessions so enjoyable that I kept coming back for more! I am totally out of my comfort zone, which has been an excellent challenge. I also like to think I'm there at FloatFit to make everyone else look good! Both Gavin and Dan have worked together to improve my balance, as well as my confidence. My aim is to be able to do single legged squats on the FloatFit board!

I am now at the gym 5-6 times a week. I've managed to convince my parents to join as well, and have started doing Couch to 5k, despite being very vocal about strength training being better than cardio!

I would definitely recommend Parkwood to anyone looking for a gym that has it all (not forgetting about the Wood Bar and JAS Hair). The team are like an extended family - you often find them working out alongside the members on the gym floor. The staff are genuinely invested in your progress and goals, creating a safe space for anyone to come and invest in their future health."

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