Member of the Month: March 2022

It's Member of the Month time! 

One of our favourite things to do at Parkwood is celebrate YOU, our fabulous members! 

This month the award goes to Roma!

Below is Roma’s story in her own words:

"When I first joined Parkwood in September 2013, I was a size 18. I was lacking in energy and often in pain from a slipped disc. I pottered along doing my own thing, mainly in the gym, and in 6 months I was down to size 10/12. Through a combination of using the facilities at Parkwood and running, I happily kept to this size.

Fast forward to Spring 2021. A combination of lockdown, the development of Scoliosis of the spine and perimenopause, I hit a low of only being able to walk with a stick. However, getting back to Parkwood and signing up to Personal Training sessions with Dan have truly been life changing. He has got me fitter and stronger than I ever imagined I could be. This also manages the pain from the Scoliosis better than any medication.The Boditrax machine now tells me that my metabolic age is 39 (I'm actually 54), so I know that all Dan's faith and hard work is paying off.

There is so much more to Parkwood though than just the gym floor; I love the Virtual Spin Classes, Hot Yoga, Pilates, the 30-minute TRX gym floor classes and Chris' Body Conditioning classes. I have tried other "cheaper" gyms, but within a month I was back at Parkwood as the atmosphere is unique.

My favourite thing though, is seeing those members in their 60s, 70s and 80s, who are my inspiration for the future."

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