Member of the Month: February 2022

It's Member of the Month time! 

One of our favourite things to do at Parkwood is celebrate YOU, our fabulous members! 

This month the award goes to Sam!

Below is Sam’s story in his own words:

“Three years ago (pictured left), I was “enjoying life”. But in reality, I was putting on weight and didn’t really care what anyone thought about how I looked. Looking back I really did not have the best diet either.

Now that I look at my current photo taken last week at the gym (pictured right), I’ve realised there is such a serious difference.

Not only how much I have progressed physically, but also mentally. Losing weight, losing fat and gaining muscle is an incredible achievement for me. It’s definitely not been an easy ride - I’ve had some ups and downs along the way, and it’s been hard work. But I am so proud of myself especially as I can see how much better I now look.

My next goal is to carry on getting stronger and to continue working hard on bettering myself in general.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the staff at Parkwood who have given me such great advice and help over the past three years."

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