Member of the Month: September 2021

It’s Member of the Month time! 

One of our favourite things to do at Parkwood is celebrate YOU, our fabulous members!

This month the award goes to James!

Below is James’ story in his own words:

“After the first lockdown that consisted of not much more than eating, I knew I was in bad shape. However, it was not until October last year when I saw a photo of myself, it suddenly hit home that I needed to do something about my weight.

As we were still in lockdown, I started doing 20 minute HIIT sessions at home on top of being far more conscious of what I was eating. The effects of this were almost immediate, losing upwards of 2kgs in my first week.

When lockdown ended and gyms re-opened, I promised myself, with the encouragement of my girlfriend, that I would join Parkwood and progress my fitness goals to the next level. This would be the first time I had set foot in a gym since 2014 which was nerve-wracking at first but I felt immediately welcome and comfortable.

I settled into a new routine, working out each morning before work and on weekends, 6 days a week in total. I had 2 goals when I joined Parkwood: 1. To lose weight and 2. Increase my strength and power in order to aid my golf game.

Since then, I have lost 4.9 stone (31kg) and my golf game has improved dramatically. I weigh myself daily, keeping it written down in a notebook and I also keep track of the increase in weights I am lifting in the gym. All of this motivates me to keep coming back along with the support of other members in the gym and the staff, all of whom have been so kind and encouraging.

I am very humbled to be offered Member of the Month and I can't wait to continue on this journey."

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