Success Stories: Shirley

Stronger! Fitter! Healthier Members!

Repost: @charleycheesley-This is for my absolute legend of a client Shirley! I’m so proud of her I could burst 🤗 Shirley came to me in May with Arthritis in the knees, hips and lower back and had limited mobility and any exercise was a real struggle for her.

Fast forward to now and Shirley has made incredible progress. She’s able to squat,lunge and overhead press using a range of exercises with free weights and body weight. Most importantly her hip mobility has improved massively. A hip hinge to be proud of!! and she’s even lost 5kg in the process. She’s a true fighter and a genuinely lovely person who refuses to let anything hold her back.

Well done Shirley, you are a true inspiration to us all and a pleasure to coach!


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