Success Stories: Ollie

Over the last year Ollie has been working with Nat to ensure he has the physical ability to complete the various stages that are required to join the British Army as a officer. Ollie has recently, successfully passed the Army Main Board, which is a 3 1/2 day assessment that must be passed before any candidate can go onto the commissioning course Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).

Ollie is now on a intensive training regime with Nat as he has ambitions of joining the Parachute Regiment.
Ollie has just completed the “Spartan 300” workout;

Pull-ups 25reps
Barbell deadlift 60kg 50 reps 
Push-ups 50 reps
Box jumps (red box) 50 reps
Floor wipes barbell 50 reps
Clean n Press Kettlebell 12 kg 50 reps each arm
Pull-ups 25 reps

The “300” is an old tried and tested workout. Its not for the faint hearted!! But if you want to join an elite fighting force you have to “go hard”!!

We wish Ollie well with his training, both at Parkwood and RMAS
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