Success Stories: The Mercers

Congratulations to husband and wife team Andrew and Sharon Mercer, who over the last year have been working with Nat to lose weight and get fit. In the past year Andrew has lost an amazing 2st 7lbs and reduced his fat mass from 34.4% to 27.3%.

At the age of 16 in a four man team Andrew swam the channel and still holds the time record for a team swim crossing the channel. Andrew has now signed up to complete a team swim across the channel in August which Nat is helping with. 

Since working with Nat Sharon has lost 1st 10 lbs and reduced her fat mass from 33% to 27%.
Recently Sharon completed the chalk valley challenge, 10Km run. Nat is helping Sharon with her next challenge, which is learning the freestyle (front crawl) stroke to enable her to swim 1 mile. 

We wish Sharon and Andrew the very best of luck with their up and coming challenges this year! What are your goals and inspirations? Why not see if one of our personal trainers can help facilitate them for you


Stories like this is why we do what we do!

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