Member of the Month: January 2022

It's Member of the Month time!

One of our favourite things to do at Parkwood is celebrate YOU, our fabulous members!

This month the award goes to Charlotte!

Below is Charlotte's story in her own words:
"Being a member at Parkwood, coupled with a diet revamp, I lost 7 stone within a year. This was purely by being consistent in the gym three times a week and making healthier food choices. I then lost another stone the following year, and have managed to maintain this weight ever since. Whilst I felt comfortable with my cardio sessions, and I'd lost weight, my workouts were starting to feel stagnant, and I was concerned my love for the gym was going to falter. 
We then went into lockdown, and I knew that unless I wanted to go for a run every night (not appealing to me!), I'd have to put some time into planning enjoyable yet effective workouts. I changed from a purely cardio based exercise regime to including resistance/weight training as well. I started up Personal Training with Dan; this was invaluable and I would 100% recommend it to anyone!
Since introducing weight training into my fitness routine, my strength has increased significantly. My 3 workouts a week soon became 6; fitness is something I have a huge passion for these days - something I never thought I'd hear myself saying!

Parkwood is a great way to de-stress after the working day. I even bring my fiancé in at the weekend so we can have a gym and swim session together, followed by a coffee in the Wood Bar afterwards! I'm now working towards that final push for our wedding in May!"



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