Member of the Month: December 2021

It's Member of the Month time! 

One of our favourite things to do at Parkwood is celebrate YOU, our fabulous members! 

This month the award goes to Gemma & Anthea!

Below are a few words from them both:

“The gym is our time to escape, time to decompress the day and time for us to relax. Of course, it's also a time for us to have a catch up as well!

We both really love coming to Parkwood. Everyone is so friendly, there is always a smile from all the staff and a cheery hello, which makes such a big difference. And we feel amazing after our workouts. We never regret a workout, no matter how small! Even if we end up falling into the pool loads during FloatFit with Gavin (we swear that's his mission some days!)

We've both found that coming with a friend really aids our motivation as well. We spur each other on, we find ourselves trying new exercises that we'd be less confident doing on our own and we just have fun whilst doing so! FloatFit is one of our favourite classes. Thanks to Gavin for making it super fun, along with his great choice of music; it really is a class we recommend giving a go!”

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