Welcome Back!


Welcome back to Parkwood Health and Fitness in Salisbury! 

From everyone here at the club we are so happy to be back and raring to go. 

We are committed to providing a service to all our customers which is COVID-19 secure from infection. Since the beginning of lockdown in March, we have been planning how to reopen safely.

The company health and safety team have produced COVID-19 specific risk assessments, documented safety procedures and a training module for all staff. From this, Parkwood Health and Fitness in Salisbury has developed specific safety arrangements to ensure social distancing, hygiene procedures and customer information is in place.

In addition to our increased cleaning and sanitation programme, and in order to provide additional protection to our customers and staff, all our high contact point surfaces have been treated with an antiviral shield. This shield will kill bacteria and viruses that land on it on an ongoing basis.

How will the antiviral shield help to keep me safe?

  • Provides a sustained microbiologically clean environment

  • Reduces the level of contamination with pathogenic microorganisms

  • Works on a continual basis

  • Complements our heightened cleaning and sanitization programmes

  • Will be applied in the main while the centres are closed

We will be reapplying the shield regularly to provide the highest standards of protection. 


Here are a few testimonials from some of our amazing members who have been in and using the club. 


“Thanks Team Parkwood. Excellent return to the club today, with open and helpful staff, the appropriate measures in place in accordance with government guidelines, allowing members to conduct their respective workouts effectively yet safely. Good job all.”


“Great first visit back to the club today! Super staff, super clean and safe. Thanks to all staff for your part in making sure members are safe and bringing normality back! Go to your gym with confidence!”


“Fabulous to be back this morning, thoroughly enjoyed our swim. The place is looking great and so well organised it was great to see everyone. Well done Gary and the team!”


“Had a lovely swim this morning, felt totally safe and so good to be back!”


“First time back today and feel fabulous, reassured by the measures put in place.” 


“Really great to go back today and you have handled this so well. I felt very safe with the social distancing and hygiene measures that have been put in place.”


“Great being back! Thank you to the whole team for working so hard to make our gym a safe place!”


“It was really good up in the gym, very impressive. Felt great to be back.” 


“Many thanks to all the staff for your hard work, everywhere looks very clean I felt very safe. Thank you.”


Thank you to all our members and it’s great to be back!

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